2019 Futures


Welcome to Futures Water Polo League 2019

Futures is designed to provide high level competition for the top water polo clubs in the nation. All clubs, coaches, athletes and officials are held to the highest standards to ensure a professional experience for everyone involved.

Futures WPL’s mission is to showcase, through its highly competitive environment, the collective talents and efforts of all those who are involved and to continue to foster the development of our sport’s future.

2019 Futures WPL Super Finals

June 28-30    |   Northern California
Schedules and Results

2019 Trophies

12U Super Finals

Champions – LA Premier
2nd Place – 680
3rd Place – Newport

MVP – Luca Van Der Woode, LA Premier
Top Goalie – Nick Tovani – 680
Top Defender – Julien Liu, LA Premier
Top Coach – Marco Palazzo, Newport


14U Super Finals

Champions – 680
2nd Place – Vanguard
3rd Place – Newport

MVP – Tim Kerr, 680
Top Goalie – Baxter Chelsom – LA Premier
Top Defender – Benjamin Liechty, Newport
Top Coach – Justin Hill, 680

16U Super Finals

Champions – CCU
2nd Place – Trojan
3rd Place – Stanford

MVP – Grant Watson, CCU
Top Goalie – West Temkin, CCU
Top Defender – Thomas O’Connor, CCU
Top Coach – Erik Healy, Trojan


18U Super Finals

Champions – LA Premier
2nd Place – Newport
3rd Place – Lamorinda

MVP – Ethan Shipman, LA Premier
Top Goalie – Nolan Krutonog, LA Premier
Top Defender – Reed Stemler, Newport
Top Coach – James Lathrop, Lamorinda